Hank & Emma Faye

“Hank the Hearing Dog” has been trained as the “ears” for his human, Emma Faye, who is deaf. Hank helps Emma by alerting her to sounds around the home and in public. He does tasks like alerting Emma when someone says her name and or if people or things are behind her. He alerts her about environmental sounds such as cars backing out or coming towards her, horns honking, trains and sirens. He will come find her when someone is knocking on the door or the doorbell is ringing. He also hears tea kettles and fire or intruder alarms. If a sound is abnormal, Hank will find Emma and take her to it. In addition, when she drops car keys, glasses or a cell phone, hearing people hear these items hit the ground, however she cannot. Hank will pick up the item Emma dropped and bring it to her.

Emma Faye and Hank are on the children’s video series, “Hank & Emma Faye”, on KLRN PBS focusing on inclusion, diversity and loving our neighbor well.

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Emma Faye

Emma Faye went profoundly deaf at 3 years old and has spent her life turning a disability into an ability. She is an internationally known role model and public speaker for the deaf and hard-of-hearing as well as founder and Executive Director of Aid the Silent. She travels the country with her service dog, Hank, sharing her story. Emma Faye is both fluent in sign language and spoken language thus being a bridge between the deaf and hearing.

What type

of Service Dog is Hank?

Hank is an ADI dog -Assistance Dogs International - which mean he has been trained by World Class Service Dogs Organization (NEADS) for two years and he can go anywhere in the world with Emma Faye. He has been specifically trained to make long international flights. If Hank is dressed for work in his vest and gentle leader– he has to stay focused so the “no petting” policy is in place.

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